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Chamber music – playing with a small group of musicians such as string quartets, trios or quintets – adds another level to the young students’ musicianship as the players learn to play together, listen to and lead each other without the help of a conductor. Every player is responsible for their own part and needs to find its place and balance within the group which is challenging and hugely developing.

Why Chamber Music?

– For the pure joy of it!

– For the learning benefits: improving listening skills, practical musicianship and strengthening     independence and confidence

– For the social aspect – to make music with friends and perform at exciting events

– For practice motivation and meaning: Giving the students an attractive goal to aim for

Chamber Music is an extra commitment on top of individual lessons and practice and orchestral playing and families need to be aware of the additional input needed when joining a chamber group.  In Coole Music, we have found the benefits of playing in chamber groups so visible and worthwhile that we encourage committed young players to join a chamber group where possible once the students have covered basic technique and are keen on taking ensemble playing further.

Please talk to your child’s teacher and contact Sarah on 0863467245 if you feel that your child has reached the level and is ready for this extra commitment and we will work on finding a suitable group.

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