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Toddlers’ Tunes is the name of a weekly music and play session for children 0-3 years old and an accompanying parent. Together children and parents explore the joy of music through singing, dancing, playing percussion instruments, learning rhythms and rhymes.

Toddlers’ Tunes introduces children to all basic elements of music. It naturally develops music appreciation and understanding as well as basic skills that will be helpful in all future music learning. Furthermore it encourages parents to find their own way to make music with their children at home even if they do not have a musical background themselves. 

The 45min music session is always built up in the same structured rhythm that allows the small children to enjoy all the elements of music and to feel safe and focused.

Every session starts with a name-song, where every child gets to say their name and is greeted by the group. In the end we sing our good-bye-song before it is time for the toddlers to play together in a safe and friendly environment while the adults can have a chat and a cup of tea.

Every term we record a full music session and make it into a CD for all the families. According to the parents, these CDs have saved numerous long car trips and rainy home mornings and help the families to keep the music alive during the week and holidays.

The Toddlers’ Tunes sessions are currently held at the ICA centre Gort on Wednesday mornings 10.00-11.15am. Contact for booking details.

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